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Hourglass - Myra McEntire ★★★½Time travel is typically a concept that makes my brain hurt -- the alterations to the time line, the paradoxes, the endless, mind-numbing theories. But even though McEntire tries to keep the logistics of this world relatively simple, I still couldn't wrap my head around some of the conclusion. (Advil, please?)Emerson, though, is a pretty cool character and genuinely funny. Her quick quips and comebacks had me laughing many times over. She doesn't really have (or use) a verbal filter, and speaks before she thinks so the things that come out of her mouth... yeah. She also is a well done mix of extremes -- confidence, decisiveness, and toughness while also being fragile, vulnerable, and uncertain. The romance was a bit weird. I'm a little over the "instant connection" thing, the "I can't be with you for reasons you're not allowed to know about" thing, and the love triangle-ish thing was a little... sudden? Weird? Something. Although, I did kinda like the other dude better... just sayin'Anyway, interesting concept. I'm interested in finding out what happens next.