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The Stone Rose

The Stone Rose - Jacqueline Rayner,  David  Tennant Uh yeah. I think I may have officially reached a new level of geekdom -- Doctor Who TV show-based novelizations? The next thing you know I'll be attending Comic-Con as a Dalek. Not... that... there's anything wrong with that. *whispers confidentially* Between you and me, I think I'm just still coming to terms with true reality and scope of my nerdiness. Don't worry, I'll get there eventually. Maybe not dressed as a Dalek, but anyway... David Tennant. DAVID TENNANT. The man is amazing, and he narrates this (abridged) audiobook, which is why I HAD to get it from Audible upon discovering it. As far as the story goes it's a super fun romp through ancient Rome with some really great Rose/Ten moments... and possibly a-- Well. I really can't say, can I?The narration is fantastic. It's obvious Rayner gets these characters and Tennant has all their inflections and tones down perfectly. It's just SO MUCH FUN to hear the Doctor sound like the Doctor. :)P.S. - I'd like to just say that this recent infatuation with Doctor Who is all Heather's (my co-blogger's) fault. I've purposely avoided this show for years, convinced it was the height of utter ridiculousness and JUST. TOO. CAMPY. And while in some ways it is exactly that, the characters are just so compelling and I cannot stop watching. Like, seriously, I cannot stop watching. Help.P.S.S. - Heather, you were right.