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The Keeper: A Brilliant Darkness Story (Brilliant Darkness, #1.5)

The Keeper: A Brilliant Darkness Story (Brilliant Darkness, #1.5) - A.G. Henley I already LOVE Peree, and now getting to see the beginning of his and Fenn’s story through his eyes, I love him even more.I didn’t think that was possible, but I do. le sigh…And not just Peree, but seeing Fenn through his eyes is a highlight as well, giving me an even greater respect for her and her courage.Peree also gives us an invaluable view of the Lofties and what life looks like for them, further establishing the idea that the Lofties and the Groundlings are two groups of people who fiercely care for their own, who are acting on years of presumptions and prejudice (but who both grudgingly need each other), and how those prejudices have affected both their groups. Having now seen both sides, it makes Peree and Fenn’s curiosity about each other and their tentative willingness to look beyond their cultural conditioning all the more special. Overall, The Keeper isn’t necessary to the larger storyline, but I would highly recommend it due to the more well-rounded perspective and the fantastic character development it provides.