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Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey, #4.5)

Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey, #4.5) - Julie Kagawa Given a dire prophecy in which the fate of the fey and that of her and Ash’s son are intertwined, Meghan must embark on one more journey through the Nevernever to locate the oracle Anna. Joining her in this trek: her ever-faithful knight and husband, Ash; the ever-ready-with-a-quip-trick-or-dagger, Puck; and the elusive, mysterious Grimalkin.Yes. The gang’s all here, and it made my heart all kinds of happy to see the four of them traipsing and fighting their way through the Wyldwood like old times – even though they find themselves knee deep in danger facing impossible, almost hopeless, odds once again. It’s a happiness tinged with a healthy dose of melancholy, because it is, in a very real sense, their final bow – the last chapter to their story, and it makes me miss them like crazy. But while an ending, Iron’s Prophecy also serves as a beginning, a bridge, for Kierran & Ethan’s story in The Lost Prince, so it ended up being very bittersweet for that reason.Is Iron’s Prophecy something you must read? Well, I haven’t yet read The Lost Prince, but I’d imagine from the importance of what’s revealed in Iron’s Prophecy that, yes, this little novella is pretty necessary in the grand scheme of things. But that aside, I mean, it’s Puck, Meghan, Ash & Grim… why wouldn’t you read this?! Also, just a small aside. How cute are Meghan & Ash? Seriously, they are one of my favorite YA couples… EVER. I just love them together and how they make each other better and stronger, how they respect and love each other unconditionally. And in Iron’s Prophecy you get a lot of good Meghan & Ash moments.Overall, a bittersweet and poignant “passing of the torch,” Iron’s Prophecy effectively brings to an end one story and sets the tone and premise of the next.