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Deity: The Third Covenant Novel

Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout Ok. I have to admit something right here, right now. Half-Blood did not blow me away. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it and it was an well done read with an interesting twist, but there was just something about it that kept me from loving it. When I read Pure, the things Jennifer did with the characters, the complicated political/social climate compounded by the action-packed plot… well, I was extremely impressed and excited by the direction in which Jennifer was taking her Covenant series – on the verge of toppling head-over-heels. And then, along came Deity…Blown. Away.Unreservedly, I can now say that I love this series.Dare I venture to say that it might even be a favorite?Why, yes. Yes, I do.Perhaps one of my favorite things about this series so far (and in some ways this surprises me because I wasn’t a huge fan of hers in the beginning) is Alex. Alex has come a long way from the selfish, impulsive girl we meet in Half-Blood. In some respects, she’s still exactly the same, but yet she’s matured from her experiences over the past year. Oh, she still blurts out what she thinks filter-free from time to time. She still gets those wild, reckless urges to take matters into her own hands, and yet Alex has begun to learn restraint. She’s had to. She has seen the dangers her world poses for one such as her, seen the consequences enacted out before her if she crosses certain lines. She’s seen her fears brought to life, and she’s made enemies in some very high places who are devoted to destroying her. And above all Alex understands that her actions have consequences not only for her, but that other peoples’ lives and well-being are also connected to hers. I absolutely love the evolution and development Alex’s character has undergone throughout this series and especially where Jennifer has taken her in this book. Alex is a bit more serious, and perhaps a bit more subdued, in Deity than we’ve seen her before; however, even in the midst of so many circumstances she can’t control, she’s still the same fiery, fierce Alex – a girl who’s developing a very strong sense of conviction and who’s becoming someone who has a purpose beyond herself.Alex aside, one of the biggest questions you might have about Deity, because I had the same, is what happens with Aiden & Seth? While I obviously can’t tell you a single thin– Well… ok. I’ll tell you one thing about each of them in no particular order. One guy made me fall absolutely head over heels for him, while shocking revelations about the other one still have me reeling… and ready to throw something breakable. Which is another reason I love Deity so much: it made me angry, it made me despair, it made me euphoric and it made me hope. I ran the entire gamut of emotional responses while reading this book. Jennifer is extremely good at backing her characters into seemingly inescapable corners and excellent at putting her readers right there in the moment alongside them, sharing the anguish, heartbreak and panic. Alternately, the happy/joyful/victorious scenes are equally as evocative, and I’m pretty sure that during those moments, I sat there grinning like an idiot from ear to ear. There are very few authors who capture my emotions so completely, and Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of them.So what got me all riled up? Well, there have been several arcs building throughout the series, and in Deity several of them come to a head. The cards are on the table, come what may. The stakes are higher, the dangers greater, the potential consequences more grave. Secrets are revealed, rifts deepen, lines are crossed, new allies are gained, new enemies made, and only one thing is certain: things will never be the same. In all seriousness though, in my opinion, it’s the best book in the Covenant series thus far.Overall, Deity is truly divine.