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Before (Destined, #0.5)

Before (Destined, #0.5) - Jessie Harrell Eros has taken things a bit too far this time with his mischievous fooling around in the gods’ love lives. And so, he is temporarily banished by Zeus to live amongst mortals who will show him no reverence or special treatment. By all means, a cruel punishment for his various minor infractions, right? But Eros just might begin to discover that he’s treated love a bit too flippantly and that when it comes to affairs of the heart, the consequences are never minor.Telling the story of Eros before he met Psyche, Before gives readers a little more insight into the Eros we see in Destined – the events that color his view of mortals, the reasons behind why he behaves the way he behaves, and why he reacts the way he does toward Psyche and her decisions in Destined. His experiences in Before are eye-opening, are telling, and, in a way, they humanize this arrogant god so that he’s more relatable.Overall, Before is a wonderful character building piece for Eros and a great companion short story to Destined that should not be missed.