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Intuition - J. Meyers I'm glad I picked this little short story up. I've been curious about Intangible, so I thought I'd give Intuition a try to get a feel for J. Meyers her style and, of course, this series. I thought this short prequel very well done, and the situation/cliffhanger she creates definitely left me hooked and wanting more of Luke & Sera's story. I'm also very excited about the prospect of a sibling relationship being at the heart of this series. Even in this short story, Luke & Sera's close relationship is evident and very sweet. They're friends as well as siblings, and I love that. Sure, sibling relationships tend to play into stories regularly, but one of the siblings always seems to be "off-screen" with the protagonist trying to find or rescue them... or both. I feel like Luke & Sera have the potential to have a different sort of dynamic, and I'm excited to read more of their story.Overall, in addition to being an intriguing story all by itself, Intuition is a promising introduction to J. Meyer's full-length novel, Intangible.