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The Vampire's Daughter (Of Light and Darkness, #1) - Shayne Leighton I don't think I'm going to do a full review of this one since I've got a backlog of obligations I'm currently working through, but I'll do a short one...When vampire Valek Ruzik comes across an abandoned human baby in the streets of Prague, he decides to fight his baser instincts and raise her as his ward. Now 19 years later, that baby girl -- Charlotte -- has grown into a lovely young woman. A young woman who has begun to develop confusing, romantic feelings for him. Unfortunately for Valek, on top of difficulty navigating new emotional territory with Charlotte, it's not a good time to be a vampire. Reviled by the governing body of magical creatures the rights of vampires have been more and more restricted, until it becomes clear that government means to do away with the race for good. Soon Valek & Charlotte are on the run from those would do them harm.This book held particular interest for me, because the harsher realities of vampirism are not hidden or glamorized, and the vampires do not apologize for who they are -- much. It's interesting to me that these characters, Valek & Charlotte, are what you'd normally consider the "good guys" but only if you ,the reader, are accepting of a little moral relativism. They definitely don't follow a moral code that the majority of western civilization would consider acceptable, particularly regarding the sanctity of human life. And like I said, this made the book interesting, though I wished it had more expanded on the topic more. There were no long explanations of these characters' actions or philosophies to any satisfying extent. It was simply was.The main issue I had with this book, is the character development. I don't feel like I got a very in depth view of any of the characters, they all felt very "surfacey" and underdeveloped -- like they're holding the reader at arms length. I never felt a strong connection to any of them. Some of their reactions to circumstances or to other characters are kind of strange. And a few of the characters felt very dangerous at times but then they would do a complete 180 and were suddenly kind and understanding. I just couldn't understand the unexplainable, somewhat manic changes of heart some of the characters underwent, especially at the end.Also, the book description led me to believe that the book focuses on a coming struggle between vampires and The Regime, the magical governing body. In truth, while there is some warring between the forces of light and darkness, that plot line largely takes a backseat to the more central story of Valek & Charlotte, and mostly serves as a tool to further their story and relationship development.Overall, Of Light and Darkness is an entertaining and somewhat thought-provoking read that delves into the fascinating realm of the morally gray.Ok...that was longer than I had intended.