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Butterface - Gwen Hayes 3.5/5 starsA short story by Gwen Hayes about a girl with scars inside & out and the boy who's willing to look beyond the surface. While impressed by the character development Hayes was able to accomplish in such a short word count, I felt the story itself was a little rushed and wished for more development, particularly in the individual growth and realizations of Beth. Also, I understand the story was more about the two main characters coming to grips with who they are as people and the kind of people they want to be, while the romance played a more secondary role. But, I believe their first and second dates were summarized in about a paragraph, and I really wish we could have seen more of Lucky & Beth's relationship shifting from friendship to something perhaps a little more. Despite this, however, their's was a rather sweet, little romance. Overall, Butterface is an enjoyable and quick read. If you're a fan of Hayes you should definitely give it a whirl.