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Destined for a Vampire (Blood Like Poison, #2)

Destined for a Vampire (Blood Like Poison, #2) - M. Leighton Bo and Ridley are back in Michelle Leighton's sequel Blood Like Poison: Destined for a Vampire. As the book opens, Ridley is dealing with the possible loss of Bo and the many questions that have arisen from the events at the end of BLP. She begins to delve deeper into the mystery of Bo's origins, his identity and his purpose, while becoming the target of several terrifying attacks. Meanwhile, life at school hasn't gotten much better. The school's social strata is in flux as a new queen bee emerges and the strange, horrifying disappearances of her schoolmates continue.I really love Ridley's character, because although her grief for Bo is enormous, we don't find her sitting in a chair listening to sad Lykke Li songs and slowly turning into an emotionless, unwashed vegetable. Ridley's a fighter and she wants answers so she actively begins seeking them out; however, sometimes having the answers can be just as painful as not knowing. Ridley is a smart character, a very self-reliant character, and a genuine character who has an instinctive need to protect those around her that are in danger even when those people have treated her poorly. I loved her growing friendship with Savannah, probably the only real, healthy relationship, besides Bo, that Ridley has. Savannah herself is a remarkable character as she has experienced extreme trauma and heartache and yet makes a conscious decision to constantly see the glass as half full. I just love that Leighton has used several characters to show that although someone may suffer and experience terrible tragedy it doesn't have to destroy a person, the grief while heavy and tangible doesn't need to be all-consuming. There are good things to hold on to even in the darkest of circumstances.Like Bo. ;) Oh Bo ....I love Bo. I love Bo's sense of honor, his determination to see justice served, the way he protects Ridley and encourages her to be the person he knows her to be. I love the mythology Leighton created surrounding his origins. It is beautiful and tragic and creates some good internal conflict for Ridley throughout the book as she wrestles with Bo's seemingly predestined future.And the ending, wow. I had some theories and an inkling about some of it, but Leighton creates some very interesting twists at the end and leaves us with some very important questions unanswered. I cannot wait for the next one. All in all, an excellent second act of the Blood Like Poison series where the action, the romance, the mystery is taken to new heights by Leighton's fabulous storytelling.