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Princess (American Princess, #1)

Princess (American Princess, #1) - Courtney Cole The old adage "Money doesn't buy happiness" definitely applies to former socialite Sydney Ross. After circumstances lead to her being disowned by her politically motivated parents, she sets out alone to take responsibility for her choices . She finds a safe place to land with her distant, distant relative and aspiring author Stephen as she struggles to get on with her future without the wealth and privilege she's always known. Her past life is not quite done with her, however, and comes back to haunt her in a series of terrifying and tragic occurrences that make her realize that her former, gilded life was hiding secrets that put her life in danger.I was pleasantly surprised by Sydney. It would be only too easy to make her the stereotypical, entitled rich girl who transforms into someone you could possibly be persuaded to like at the end. Instead, from the beginning, Sydney shows kindness, resolve, forgiveness and a strength of character that made her refreshing and sympathetic heroine. Cole states that this book is intended as a cross-over for older teens to women and I would agree with that as it contains themes and situations that may not be appropriate for teens.4.5/5 stars....but I rounded up :)