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PORTAL (Portal Chronicles Book One)

Portal - Imogen Rose I have to admit I'm astonished at the number of high reviews for this book. Where to begin? While I found the premise of this book initially interesting, I couldn't help but be disappointed in this book for numerous reasons. The dialogue was painful at times, I'm not sure the author had a good handle on the ages of her characters in respect to dialogue....and character development, come to think of it. Dialogue should be used to reveal things about the characters or to move the plot along, and at times it felt like neither was being accomplished.I don't think the characters were very well developed or fleshed out, as I'm not sure I could tell you much about the characters beyond the superficial. Arizona herself was a bit of a mystery....is she a tough hockey chick or is she this girly-girl? I'm not sure and the author didn't seem to know either.Character development and dialogue aside, the thing that bugged me the most was the "name-dropping" of all these high end items. iPhones, Louboutin, Hummers, Harleys and random designer hand bags abound....I mean some of that specificity is ok. But the author has turned Arizona's life into a materialistic wonderland. Throw in a seemingly perfect family, amazing friends, and a couple hot "ripped" guys who adore her, and you have to wonder just why Arizona misses her old life so much, because for most of the book it seems like she's forgotten all about it while enjoying all the perks of her new life.Other things that drove me a little crazy....a shift from first person to third person narration throughout the story. It got a little confusing at times and maybe could've been helped simply by an "Arizona" or an "Olivia" over their respective chapters.....or just a total shift to third person. Also, a little more focus and a bit more credibility would have been nice in regards to the whole sci-fi aspect of this story. The sci-fi part of this book felt so tagged on, with more focus being on a budding romance, hockey, and running around on motorcycles with new friends.I think this story had real potential. It just really needed a few more re-writes and a little red pen to become a bit more polished and to find it's voice.