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No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia

No More Goddesses - Kim Baccellia

Egyptology + the style, class and legend of Audrey Hepburn + high school + Valentine’s Day dance woes + teenage crushes = a recipe for what could be a potentially very cute YA novel with much adorableness.

When high school freshman and Audrey Hepburn fanatic, Jordan stumbles a an old Egyptian bracelet in her grandmother’s attic, she’s shocked to find it’s identical to the one her Hollywood idol wore in the film, Tessa’s Treasure – Jordan’s all-time favorite Hepburn movie. Borrowing it, she wears it to school and her life takes a turn for the utterly strange and weird. Turns out the bracelet belongs to Hathor, the Egyptian goddesses of love, and despite the weirdness, Jordan begins to wonder if perhaps this bracelet can actually help her. I mean, who better to help her win her crush’s heart if not an Egyptian goddess of love?


Oh, Jordan. Be very, very careful what you wish for…



So yeah, all sorts of potential for adorableness. And it did have it’s cute moments. It was light, and fluffy, and not too serious. Very teen, and a refreshing respite from those heavier doom ‘n gloom books. However, for me, No More Goddesses cuteness was overshadowed by a few obstacles I just couldn’t quite manage to hurdle. The dialogue was occasionally wooden, confusing, and sometimes needlessly retreading old ground. Also, obvious resources that Jordan had at her disposal were ignored and/or not utilized until late in the story, and it wasn’t sufficiently explained why she couldn’t have used them earlier. She just didn’t, and it always bothers me when there are “things” blatantly staring protagonists in the face that they just can’t seem to see. (I call this “Clark Kent’s glasses” syndrome. No, not really. I just made that up. But it’s good, yeah?) Thirdly, I had trouble with the romantic aspect of this book. Now, I understand that No More Goddesses is targeted toward a younger YA audience, so I started this book fully expecting that there were to be no declarations of undying love, very little angst, very little physical romance (if any) – a more innocent kind of romance. But, that said, I did expect a little chemistry. There needs to be a pull between characters in dialogue, action, reaction, some kind of small spark, and I just wasn’t feeling it. And finally, without saying too much, I found the conclusion to be a little oversimplified and anti-climactic.


Perhaps, my standards were a little high or unrealistic for a younger YA novel, I’m not sure. However, even though the book fell apart a bit for me, I think it’d be a book that most tween and young teen girls would enjoy. I’m trying to imagine myself at 13, less jaded and less opinionated (Ha. Right.), enamored with Humphrey Bogart and completely in love with Indiana Jones, and I’m thinking, yes. Yes, I probably would’ve enjoyed No More Goddesses very much at that stage of life with my interests in old movies, archaeology,  and walls plastered in posters of Hollywood hotties old and new. So, I do think there’s definitely an audience for this book. But…


Overall. Cute, but not quite for me.

Source: http://refractedlightreviews.com/?p=17011