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Snippet Review | Indelible by Dawn Metcalf

Indelible - Dawn Metcalf

Indelible is an inventive take on the world of the Fae. The Twixt is dark, fascinating and well-conceived, while Metcalf’s characters, creatures and environments wonderfully creative and vividly depicted.  The mystery is interesting, and the story, while it floundered a bit at the beginning, ultimately sucked me in.


Joy is a great protagonist – an average girl who helps to put all the weirdness in a very human perspective, who let herself get freaked out by the strangeness, the danger, and the creepiness, who didn’t always know the right thing to do or say. But Joy’s loyal and passionate and she’s stronger than she realizes as she navigates through this new unknown as well as her own personal emotional issues.


And then there’s Ink. I LOVE Ink. He’s this curious mix of naivete contrasted against an “ancient otherness.” Heartbreakingly vulnerable at times as he struggles with his purpose and identity, yet Ink is also confident, capable and at times, ferocious. He’s part Fae, and yet not, but his internal war over who and what he is makes him wholly relatable.


And then there’s Joy and Ink. Oh. My. Word. Yes. I loved them together and Dawn Metcalf has the amazing ability to infuse the most innocent of moments with incredible intensity and passion. There’s this moment where Ink touches Joy’s ear……<fans self>  

Yes…. I did say ear. No. I’m not kidding. And… wow. <more fanning>


ANYWAY, I want more. Of all of it.  So consider me eagerly anticipating Invisible.


Source: http://refractedlightreviews.com/?p=17510